Tuition Fees at Croatian Universities

Tuition fees at Croatian universities depend on the language of the degree programme. Ordinarily, degrees taught in Croatian at public universities do not charge tuition fees. However, all of the degrees listed on this website do not fall into this category because they are offered in English.

International programmes at Croatian public universities can charge tuition fees and private universities are of course free to charge whatever they want. This means that in reality, practically every degree on our site will have a different annual tuition fee and it is better for you to search out the degrees that are of interest to you in order to see what it would cost you. Generally speaking, Croatian higher education is extremely affordable by European standards.

Students who speak Croatian and embark on competitive English-taught programmes with a view to switching later to Croatian-taught programmes will not be successful.

Health sciences courses

Medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine courses taught in English costs the most in Croatia, between €7,000 and €10,000 per year.

Currently, only public universities teach health science subjects in English. We do not foresee any significant changes over the next few years because private universities in Croatia do not have strength and depth in sciences.

Undergraduate courses in other subjects

Except for health sciences, public and private universities in Croatia have roughly the same English undergraduate course offerings. It’s generally cheaper to study at a public university, but we would advise that you choose a course for its quality and reputation rather than purely for the cost.

Croatian public universities use different models to calculate their tuition fees. The University of Rijeka and the University of Split apply a merit-based fee policy, which means the better grades you achieve, the less you have to contribute to your educational costs. On the other hand, the University of Zagreb sets a fixed fee of around €3,800 for their English undergraduate courses.

Croatia private universities charge their undergraduate students between €3,700 and €7,000 per year.

Postgraduate courses

A master’s degree from a Croatian public university costs up to €4,000 per year. For private universities, the fees can be double.

Unlike at undergraduate level, the teaching at postgraduate level requires specialisation, so each Croatian university only offers a limited number of subjects in English. You may find that the course choices are so limited that there is no room for comparing the tuition fees. Additionally, we recommend that you give more weight to teaching quality and reputation when choosing a university or study programme. This ensures that you have the best experience possible whilst taking your master’s degree.

In Croatia, business is the subject most commonly taught in English at master’s level, and you can find as many as 20 courses. The University of Rijeka is the only public university that offers a master’s programme in business. For this course, you will pay a merit-based tuition fee, which varies depending on your academic performance. Business master’s programmes at private universities cost from €6,000 to €10,000 per year.

Master’s programmes in computer science are available at only two institutions: University of Zagreb and Algebra University College. Their fees are relatively the same, just under €3,800 at the University of Zagreb and around €5,000 at Algebra University College.

Social sciences can be studied in English only at the University of Zagreb and Libertas International University. While the University of Zagreb charges €3,800 per year, the fee is almost double at Libertas University.

For other subjects, you can expect to pay no more than €4,000 per year.










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